Marina Alta is a feast for the senses!

Alicante is home to many wonders; the culinary aspect of this region enjoys major praise from all around the world. The perfect mix of home-grown vegetables with just really fresh seafood is as tasty as it gets. Marina Alta is definitely the place to go to be lying next to the ocean with a big smile and a full stomach. Read on and find out why you need to have your fork and knife ready to visit Marina Alta.

Michelin Star Restaurants

There are currently 19 Michelin Star restaurants in the Valencia community. Out of those 19, 12 are in Alicante and from those 12; there are 8 in Marina Alta. There are very few places in the world with such a broad variety of high-end restaurants as Marina Alta. These are some of the names that can´t go missing in your list:

Quique Dacosta

This restaurant doesn’t have one or two, but three Michelin Stars! Based in Denia, it opens a new menu yearly with the sole aim of surprising lucky guests. As the restaurant motto says: their cuisine has roots but not borders. They take the best of the traditional dishes of the area and put some imaginary wings on it to invite your palate on an uncanny trip.

Each year the entire menu changes transforming this place into a new restaurant full of new delights to try. Moreover, the menu is put together following a storyline. If you are in the region, this restaurant is always a must.


This locally-sourced restaurant has got two Michelin Stars. They serve the best of the best of the region´s seafood. Local, hand-made ingredients mix with a view that is breathtaking, to say the least. Eating in this restaurant is not only getting a taste of what the region´s food tastes like but also a way to help the growing network of local farmers, businessmen, and artisans.

Getting a true taste at the Javea spirit at a restaurant with two Michelin Stars is as good as it gets.

El Rodat

Speaking about Javea, if you are there you just can´t avoid visiting El Rodat to get a taste at what Valencia food will look and taste like in the future. This juxtaposition of future and past have, as a result, a festival of textures, aromas, and colours that will just capture your stomach and senses as you´ve never experienced before. El Rodat is an extreme sensation for those who love to feel intense flavours and are not afraid of being adventurous.

Denia, creative food capital for UNESCO

Well, once you´ve been to this trident of amazing restaurants and get a true taste of avant-garde Valencia food, it is time to take on the streets and meet some of the most amazing local flavors cooked on the spot. Dishes like gamba roja, arrós a banda, espencat, la llandeta, the suquet de peix, pulpo seco and many others can be enjoyed walking down the beautiful stone streets of the old Spanish pueblos. Don´t miss your chance to get the true Spanish heritage in your palate and forever in your heart.


A delight for all the senses and a true culinary adventure awaits for lucky visitors at Marina Alta and all the Alicante province. If you love the taste of fresh seafood and enjoy local food made by the hands of the natural habitats of the region with local, home-grown vegetables, then this place on Earth will blow your mind. Visit Alicante today and enjoy the best of the Mediterranean food on your plate.

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